Does anyone know how to make a peanut butter block


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Wouldn't it work just about as well to buy a jar of peanut butter and just wipe some on the side of trees as you walk in to your stand?
just get ajar of peanut butter and some sugar melt the sugar down in hot pan. then put two or three spoon fulls of peanut butter in it let melt down stir good .pour it in a plastic cup cut small sticks wrap wire around it push it the cupand let it hang out so u can wrap it around a limb. put it in the ref for a day or two then just dump it out of the cup and you ready to go hang it.note dont use good pans its messie


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Buy cheap peanut butter and wire tie it to your tree of choice.I bought my kid one of the P'nut suckers,put it out that evening the next morning he found the stick.Lasted one night.
My best friend carries a jar of peanut butter with him every time we start setting up the camera's in late july. I thought he was nuts but i swear they will stand up and lick it off tree branches 5 ft high.