Dog Box

Dont know any place in North Georgia. But Cabelas has some , they are pricy


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Metal, something I can move around by myself. I have a wooden one made by Hood's.I've had it for about ten years. It's been a good one. I want something a little lighter.

I also have a plastic easyloader, but it is a little small for my lab.
Not metal but the gunner kennels are good crates. Light weight and can be used in the house truck wherever. They are very durable and can fit large dogs.


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x2 on the gunner kennel. Indestructible and better insulation from heat/cold than other materials. They're pricey but you get what you pay for. Check out some of the videos they have of crash tests, your pooch will probably be better off in a wreck than you would :flag:


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Yes, the gunners are nice. They really won't work for me. They aren't water proof, unless you purchase the water proof cover and they are really for one dog. I've got more than one dog. They are really designed for an SUV.
There's a fella in Murrayville that makes them. 100% custom to your specs. He isn't cheap but his work is second to none.