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Didn't want to hijack the Dog Food thread below...I've read it and it has some good info in it. I have recently looked at switching from Pro Plan to something else for two reasons. Early on, say 25 years ago, or so, Pro Plan was the real deal...great food, great results and clean up on my concrete runs was a snap. I only had to deal with little balls of poop the size of a golf ball. Not now! Big ol piles like I was feeding Ol Roy or something and the odor....oh my gosh.

Second reason was the reviews of PPP were not encouraging, to say the least. Dog food advisor website gave PPP the second lowest rating.

I tried Diamond food and my dog refuses to eat it....not only that, the stuff attracts flies like crazy! Something that the PPP never did. It's like a dang run over armadillo is in the feed bowl or something.

I'm going to try Victor tomorrow when the feed store opens up and see how that goes.
I've been feeding PPP for 7 or so years now. But, I have noticed my two dogs are dropping a load these days.
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Lots of other folks on the other dog food thread preferred Victor. Went to pick some up this morning and my feed store said they no longer carried Victor products. Their reason was that all their bags of Victor had worms in it, while no other brands on adjoining pallets did. This happened more than once, so they returned all their bags and discontinued carrying it.

I mentioned that a large number of folks preferred it and agreed to give it another try.

Threw the diamond in my pond and got another bag of PPP for now.
I switched all 4 of my dog over to tractor supply brand "4 health ".

It is less expensive than others and they devour it.
I just got a new pup and did the same. In fact the breeder recommended the 4 health food to me. My pup loves it and is as regular as can be. I would recommend it as well.
I've personally been using Victor for over 15 years and I saw such great results that I decided carrying it in my store, because it was tough to find. Every one of my customers that switch their dogs to it continually purchase it. I've had zero complaints and I've never had worms reported in any bag. That's just someone trying to bad mouth a product they are no longer carrying

Personally it's the only dog food that I've ever seen where a dog will eat it for 12 years every day and never hesitate to finish their bowl. Zero complaints for me
Victor is good feed. The only reason I changed is I cannot find it local. I used the orange bag, I hunt my dogs pretty hard and it kept them up good.
We feed Victor to our dozen or so personal dogs and Tractor Supply 4 Health to lots of foster dogs. We have never found "worms" in either brand of dog food and are very well pleased with both.

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I've been feeding Dog Chow for decades. The dog I have now is a so fixated on me when he is loose if I go in the house he would quit eating and leave the food to come sit on the porch and look in. I had to stay out there and watch or he would save it to nibble all day long.

After reading this thread I thought I'd try something different, may be it's the food instead of just blind admiration for me. I bought a small bag of Tractor Supply's 4Health for old dogs.

First bowl of that he was crazy about it. Second bowl he couldn't get enough I had to fill it up again. That was yesterday and he is almost like a new dog and he was already crazy active. The bag said it had glucosamine chondrotin for joints and stuff for old dogs. Only been two days but I'm sold on the stuff.


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We feed Diesel 4Health from Tractor Supply, he has a sensitive stomach ( lab/dane ) maybe 2.5 y/o. - We always stay within the 4Health product line and the stomach issues are minimal, unless he gets a snack.
He is a 90# lap dog and lately he wants you to hang while he eats, or he until pm. He is black, and gets hot easy, so I think heat has something to do with his eating pattern.
His coat is great, piles are sizeable, but he is 90#'s.
Great energy ( 2.5 y/o)