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What do yall use and why? Right now I uave him on Purina Pro Plan but I uave been told by a couple guys that there are better choices that don't have fillers in them....
"Fillers" are just the carbohydrate. They may be corn, wheat, peas, sweet potato or any number of other things. Good foods are largely meat based while cheap foods like Ol Roy and Riverrun are largely grain based. You obviously want a mostly meat-based food. However, dog food is nothing more than a biscuit for lack of a better term (unless you're feeding a wet food). If anyone tells you they can make a palatable biscuit without some carb source, they are lying. The good news is that dogs are really omnivours (they eat the guts of a kill first, which are full of all sorts of things other than meat) and they actually need those carbs as long as they are high quality and in the correct ratio. Some dogs can't tolerate certain carb sources, but the vast majority do great with a plain corn carb source.

I advise people to find a premium food they can buy anywhere in the country (Iams, Eukanuba, Purina, Royal Canine, Science Diet). The idea of getting to BFE, Arkansas, Louisiana or South Dakota and not being able to easily find my regular food is not cool. I used to use Science Diet as a maintenance diet, but I don't like how dogs handle it when they are working hard and you're pushing the calories to them. I've switched to Purina Pro Plan and really like how my pup does on it. I train with some hunt testers that have some very complex feeding regimes, but I can't see a difference between the actually condition of my dog versus theirs, so those fillers aren't evil. Just feed your dog what you're feeding until you see a problem. If his hair coat starts looking dull or he gets gassy or gets really loose stool or starts losing condition despite eating a ton, try something else after talking to your vet. Other dog owners will have you chasing your tail regarding voodoo based food regimes that such-and-such pro trainer swears by. The dude at the feed store will have you cracking eggs over some el cheapo junk food because he makes the biggest margin on those cheap foods.

"Fillers" Some dogs can't tolerate certain carb sources, but the vast majority do great with a plain corn carb source.

I advise people to find a premium food they can buy anywhere in the country (Iams, Eukanuba, Purina, Royal Canine, Science Diet).

Just feed your dog what you're feeding until you see a problem.
I edited a lot. I agree, if you go to the fanciest resturaunt in town most of what you buy is "fillers". You can get all the nutrition you need out of a pill but your belly is against your backbone so roughage is nice.

As far as the "premium" companies you named, I would not buy a nickels worth of anything from Iams nor Eukanuba nor Science Diet because they support PETA with the profits off my dollar.

I agree , If a dog can not handle corn in his diet then the breeder should handle it as a CULL situation. Breeders make excuse too and make you feel like the canine needs Lobster and caviar to get by. They are the worst of the worst about guilt and "premium feeding".

Lastly, I agree, "just keep feeding what you are feeding until you see a problem". Then take it to the vet and if the vet says this dog cannot handle corn then leave it with the vet to CULL.
Victor because its a much better food than Pro Plan, less expensive and I can buy it at my local feed and seed store instead of driving at least 20 miles for Pro Plan.
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Victor because its a much better food than Pro Plan, less expensive and I can buy it at my local feed and seed store instead of driving at least 20 miles for Pro Plan.
What makes is better??? I am not attacking, just asking.


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Nutri-Source Super Performance.
I have fed many feeds over the years including Victor and PPP. The Nutri-Source is by far the best feed to date.


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I'd rather talk politics or religion.....a lot less arguing.....
robbie i tried about 4 diff foods and finally found one that i like. i tried eukanuba (way to expensive) PPP (not bad but not great but produced a big poop!) loyall preformance (the same as PPP but put alot of weight on in the process) and then Victor super nice coat small poop and dog still as the go when needed also cheaper than PPP or loyall.

only problem with our area is there is only one place that sells victor and it is in North augusta the place is called bark mart so when i go to buy food i buy 2 bags and when i open the last bag of food i head over and buy 2 more bags.

also you have a puppy so you need a puppy food not adult food.
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Corn gets incorrectly blamed for a lot of problems. When dogs have problems with a food, it is usually the primary protein, AKA the meat, that is the issue. The carb source also brings some protein to the table, but that protein causes fewer problems. Feeding a food allergic dog is very complex and beyond the scope of this conversation, but I just wanted to try to dispel the "corn is the great Satan" myth.

Everyone will have their own favorite. In the end, good dog foods aren't cheap. I feel there are four classes of food: cheap (Ol Roy, Riverrun, Joy, Diamond, etc that I wouldn't feed to anything but a crawfish), adequate (Purina Dog Chow, Pedigree, etc that are okay for yard dogs and pot-lickers), premium (previously listed; for dogs that have to actually work) and luxury (Blue Buffalo, the Royal Canine specialty diets, etc).

I can spot a dog that is fed cheap food when he walks in the door. Their haircoat and muscling give them away. They have a flabby look even though they aren't fat and their coats look like they just rolled in a gravel driveway. I can also spot a hard working dog that is only being fed Dog Chow. They'll have decent muscle, but they'll have almost no fat and their coat will be dull. I feel you get a very good food for your money when you buy the premium foods. Working dogs that eat premium foods generally look slicked out and bowed up. Even so, one dog might do better on one brand than another. I can't see any improvement in dogs that are fed the luxury foods instead of a premium food.

Despite the claims to the contrary, all those big national brands I listed have excellent QC programs. Purina's QC program is top notch. Recalls happen, but they don't bother me unless they show a pattern. So far, I haven't seen such a pattern. Some small feed mills make awesome foods while others make junk. You can't tell by looking at them. All you can do is feed it to see if your dog does well on it. It takes 2-3 months to really know how your dog does on it and it then takes 1-2 years to be certain they make a consistent product. I move every 2-4 years whether I want to or not and I travel a lot in between, so I don't mess with small mill foods. If you find one you like and you don't travel, go for it.



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robbie i tried about 4 diff foods and finally found one that i like..
this is the best answer to the O.P.'s question......try several until you get one your dog(s) like and works good for you and them.....good luck!


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Ole Roy, let 'em eat til they puke.
Funny you say that. Ive been lured into the natural feeds nowdays myself. Even though Ive treed hundreds of coons and looked just as good as any others doing it on a corn based food. Anyhow. A guy had a dog at our club here while back. I mean a good looking sucker. Beautiful coat just a shining. You could tell he was full of pee and vinegar to. Had been winning all over the place then. I said dern man what you feeding that dog. He says ol roy. I said bull. He said he swore by it. So dogs lived just as long and performed just as good back before all this non corn money grabbing gimmick feed came around.
My question is why would you NOT feed your dog the very best you can afford? Ol Roy etc is garbage and I have to laugh at the justifications people use to feed that crap to their dog. Of course, its likely the same people that fill their kids full of McDonalds and other junk food all the time. :crazy:

Just because they can live off of it, doesnt mean its good for them.

Im not knocking PPP Sport but the truth is, for the money, there is better food out there. I was a believer and fed it for about two years or more. That is, until I was introduced to Victor which is cheaper and a bigger bag and IMHO a better food.

Another thing most people dont know is, Purina One and PPP are about 99% identical ingredient wise. Check it out for yourself. Purina One is just 28/16 instead of 30/20 though. Purina One is readily available at your local box store where as PPP isnt. Something to think about anyway.

Ill stick to the small mill Victor. :cool: One thing I do believe in is that dog food is not something to skimp on.
SO if a dog cant handle corn, kill it? :huh:

That has to be the dumbest thing Ive ever read on here :crazy:
Not the dumbest thing I ever read on here. I did not say kill. I said Cull. Keep it out of your breeding stock if it cannot handle corn. Get rid of it if somebody will take it. Spay or neuter. Some breeders do genetics testing for a lot of things that will likely never happen and a lot of that is minor stuff. But having to feed a dog premium feed all its life because it cannot handle corn is something that ought to be known and declared by breeders Or sellers of older dogs, it should be divulged as a FAULT.

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Robbie, this question gets brought up every couple's like the ford/Chevy debate only worse...most have no idea why one food is better than another...they just like a cheaper price...

That said, I have fed a bunch of different foods...PPP, Eukanuba, Science Diet, Nutro, Enhance, Arkat, Royal Canin, Sportmix, PMI Exclusive, Blue Buffalo, Black Gold, Blackwood, and Victor. I feed Victor for multiple reasons:
1. Price per pound
2. Stool volume
3. Human consumption grade ingredients
4. QC standard...if you would like more info pm me
5. Recovery
6. Performance
7. Stamina
8. Company transparency with contents of the bag and nutrition information.

Victor flat works for 90% of my kennel, nothing else ever has...I feed Victor cause it works. I don't feed any of the others because...wait for it...they don't work for me.

Now, as far as scrapy wanting to cull dogs because they need to eat a "premium food"...let's just say I both agree and disagree with him. I have had to feed a dog a prescription diet due to allergies for the past 8's expensive to say the least. However, to CHOOSE to feed Ol Roy should also be a crime. It's pure T garbage and yes Nate, corn. And no Nate, corn isn't good for dogs. They, like us, cannot digest it. Unlike us, they don't have a say in what they eat. The less filler you can feed the better off the dog will be.

Robbie, whatever brand you choose, please feed the dog a premium food. You don't wanna eat crap every day...why would you feed it to your dog?
I have fed a large volume of dogs a few different brands including ppp. Some dogs do well on ppp, including some NFC's, while others do not. I feed Nutri source super performance because the greatest majority of dogs in the kennel do well with it. It is a 32/21 blend providing plenty of energy to keep weight on your dog even within the most rigorous training program.