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they sell maybe 4 diff kinds of victor unless they got a lot more in the last 9months to a year because they didn't have the red bag when i went there.
I think I will call tomorrow and check.
I gave you 3. i may not be as highly educated and as great a communicator as you. I'm not a scientist or dog food Dr.
I can give you what I can see. What comes back out after they eat it. how it effects their energy, and what they look like.

I would guess mine are a little more active than your working dogs that are sitting in a pen most days.
Please don't take me wrong. If you have need of a special purpose dog feed for special dogs, by all means buy whatever it takes to fill that need. Mine sit in a pen to keep from getting gator ate in summer. In winter I feed more of the same feed. Bring your active dogs over in November and let's see.
Heck sportmix aint special. Just a common low rated feed that tractor supply peddles. It just works well at my kennel. I was getting about 50/50 results from Victor. And getting about 90/10 from the sport mix.


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I ain't saying what works and what's good or better than others, I'm with everyone else, feed what works for you, if your dog is looking good and performing to your standards then feel him/her whatever is making the animal satisfy your needs, I don't care if it's blow pops. Like I said in the other post though. I like diamond naturals, I have fooled around with quite a few other feeds and this is what I like the best. It does exactly what I want it to do all year long, it's not a cheap food, but it ain't high either, the bottom line is I like it, it works FOR ME , and I can afford it. (I'm not at all saying anyone else cant) would I recommend it to others ? Heck yeah, am I a die hard, nothing but this food will work for you type of person? Nope. It just works for me , I like it and that's what I feed. There are other brands that probably work just as good or better, I suggest trying some recommendations and see what works for you.
Showtime 24/20 off season and 31/22 in season. It works for me. I don't put low octane into my race cars.. I want to run the deer so hard he's about knee-level high running for his life.

Genetics play a big part in it, you can raise and run a big strong dog on crappy food and I have seen it a lot. Back before the "black gold" days about 15+ year ago they sold a ruff n tuff 21/10 (still around I think) and dogs were fast and build off it too and it was a terrible food for digestion.


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Victor because of taking Joes advice on here.

Me, I won't touch Dimond because of all the dogs they have killed. Victor, not one recall.

33 dollars for the red bag Joe feeds is a normal price around here.

The red bag puppy mentioned above is a grain free dog food thus cost is going to be higher is you can find it.

The purple bag seems to work the best for me for coat, activity levels, and less stool.


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Diamond Naturals chicken and rice !!!!!!
Best I've found, coat stays good and poop is solid !!
That is some good feed. Its actually better than the meat one I feed and cheaper in the stores. My man cant get it though.
Diamond...super high in protein. That's all I fed my baby since she was a pup and she's all muscle and very active.


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Old southern bulldog, had him on ol'roy for awhile and he was lethargic, muscle tone dropped and his coat was fairly dull. Started him on Science diet (unaware of their PETA affiliation) he flat improved. Gained about 10 pounds, muscle tone is much more defined and his coat is shinier with much more energy.
I would like to bring this topic to the top !! I read in a few posts that to find a feed that keeps on weight and what works takes a while !! What has been working for you folks ?? I got a very active Ladner Cur that I am taking off his puppy feed and going to a "dog" feed. I want something that will put weight on him !! The breed, as yall know, are a active breed and have a slim look to begin with because of their activeness !! I have been leaning toward the no filler Pride Feed because it is local. I think it is the yellow bag. Got a friend of mine that has a "pack" of dogs that he feeds the 24/20 black bag that works well for him. His dogs aren't nearly as active as mine unless he puts them "out" there. But it has the fillers.

What are you folks' days...on your/the feeds that are out there as far as the no filler vs filler feeds ??
All I feed is Pro Plan Sport and I couldn't ask for more. Healthy dog, shiny coat, tons of energy