DOG THEIVES CAUGHT ON CAMERA in Lake Blackshear area

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These two guys stole my six year old, male, chocolate lab named Dakota near lake blackshear on Saturday, March 8 at 12:38 pm. I have video of everything they did including the theft. I know they made two card transactions. I have multiple eye witnesses , and I may be able to get their tag number but it will be quicker if I could get a name. With all this evidence I will be able to prosecute both men with felony charges with or without my dog. I may be willing to relax the the charges if my dog is returned safely. If not I will prosecute both men to the fullest extent of the law. The bearded man claimed to raise labs and brittanies in the area. If you know or recognize these guys please let me know at 229-322-3920 or call the crisp county sheriffs department. Any help would be great to speed up the process but either way it's just a matter of time. Please help if you recognize these guys.


I put your link in the upland forum but you should post this in the waterfowl forum and turkey as well. Will get a lot of views there.


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You deserve a bullet for stealing a man's dog...Keep us in loop on how it goes and when they are in jail!
Man if I had this much evidence, I would see about calling a news channel and letting them run a story.