DOG THEIVES CAUGHT ON CAMERA in Lake Blackshear area


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Push for charges and congrats on the recovery. If your dog ain't wanting to eat, it could be just stress. When my dog refused, I went and got him some beef jerky. That put his chompers in overdrive


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So glad you got him back, congrats


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Got him back. He's acting pretty down. Looks good but won't eat or drink and keeps on vomiting. They say they'd prefer not to prosecute on account he is heavily medicated. I'm a good bit happy to have him back but quite disturbed at the state of my pet and the unwillingness to prosecute.
hardwoods, can you get your dog to a vet? I'd have him checked out my friend! so glad you got him back......
Do a vet visit and have a full check up. If there's any issues maybe you can charge them with animal cruelty. Get the vet to document it.


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How's the dog doing, hope he's ok.
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I got him to the vet. Cost me $200 so far. He was dehydrated. Not very well nourished. Plus his white blood cell count was double what it should be. He's doing much better now finally. I'm going to look into seeing if I can charge him as well.

When did being medicated give you a get out of jail free card? I'm betting he or his family is related or connected to someone in the local legal system. There were two right? Both medicated? Hmmmmm something stinks. Just where and who gave you that story or advise?
Sic em and stick it to them. Bad enough that they stole your dog but they didn't treat him right once they had him. Makes you wonder what his fate might have been if you hadn't caught them when you did. Bet this wasn't their first rodeo.
Oh by the way congrats on getting your friend back. I guess I got a little POd. :biggrin2:

How about taking your whole story to the news? If nothing else, it would be a feel good story for people to see and maybe enough folks would be upset about nothing happening to the criminal that they would put pressure on the local "guvment" to do something.
I hope he recovers well.

The lowlifes will probably just tell the law they were recovering a lost dog that was roaming around and they were keeping him from being run over by a car.

Was there any identification-address on his collar ?