dog wma quota hunts

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b rad

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is it legal to put in for a dog hunt and just still hunt during these hunts if i dont intend to dog hunt just sit in a tree?
I would think so. I put in for one a few years back and was going to do the same thing. I didn't go, weather was no good.
I wold think that if drawn you could hut how ever you want including using dogs that are usually not allowed.
I'm not a game warden but I see no reason why not.


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A few years ago They left small game season open during the special dog/hog quota. I went out there and it was legal.......but the last year or two I think they close it for everybody except for the quota folks
I have no problem with somebody still hunting where I dog hunt or killing a deer in front of my dogs. I would however look at how hard it is to get the quota and how limited public land dog hunting opportunities are in Ga (I don't hunt Ga, so I don't know). If I could still hunt it at other times and I was taking an opportunity from a dog hunter who couldn't, I probably wouldn't put in for it. That is for you to decide though.