Dogs on planes


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You would have to wrestle me to the ground and break my arm before I would put my dog in the overhead...

But I don't guess Ill ever fly with him either


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"a flight attendant forced its owner to store the animal and its carrier in an overhead bin for the duration of the four-hour flight"

Not happening with my dog. :bounce:

You are "TSA-compliant pet carrier", or not. :crazy:


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Im not a frequent flyer but while waiting on my son to come into hartsfield i was amazed at the people coming off with dogs.
I'm just sayin'....



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I love my dogs enough that i would not subject them to be cramped on a sardine can full of vile humans.....heck even i hate it.....


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While I feel bad for the folks involved with this case the number and type of animals traveling is out of control.

From parrots to pigs folks want to declare them a service animal as some crackpot has said they need them for mental comfort.

I truly feel for these folks, never travel with or ship a pet without detailed knowledge of handling rules.