DOJ reached agreement with Clinton lawyers to block FBI access to Clinton Foundation emails, Strzok says


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Wow, a single chip and every single e-mail can be copied to the world. But darn those thumb drives are too complicated for gvmt employees.
The DOJ's goal, Chaffetz said, was to "make sure they hear no evil, see no evil -- they had no interest in pursuing the truth."
Chaffetz added that the DOJ's behavior, including its award of immunity to top Clinton aides early on in the investigation, signaled a clear double standard: "They didn't go make a deal with anyone in Trump's orbit. They seized it. They used guns and agents -- and just went in there and took it."
"The Clinton Foundation isn't supposed to be communicating with the State Department anyway," Chaffetz continued. "The foundation -- with her name on it -- is not supposed to be communicating with the senior officials at the State Department."
Republican-led concerns that the DOJ, under the Obama administration, was too cozy with the Clinton team during the 2016 presidential campaign have grown louder in recent days.
the DOJ had told the FBI that "you're not going to charge gross negligence
A transcript of Page's remarks was published Tuesday as part of a major document release by the ranking Republican on the House Judiciary Committee, Georgia Rep. Doug Collins.
More evidence about the double standard that laws & legal processes do not apply to corrupt crooked Democrats or liberal leaders, unfortunately.

Liberals ain't gonna like truths & facts making it out to the public.

omg, omg, omg


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You reckon Barry will be charged with obstruction to justice?
This is not new news. It's confirmation of old news that the left denied was news at all.


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Wonder how many of the Left's mouthpieces will report this all day today?