Dominator calls/lonzos calls


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Does anybody have any of these calls? How do they sound? I seen them in midwest turkey call magazine and seen the guys are from GA?
Lonzo has been making calls for a number of years and has won awards on his calls.

Dominator (Stumpy) started making calls a couple of years ago but has been selling glass, crystal, and slate for a number of years.

I have run both and either would be a good choice. You can probably order directly from either one of them and describe to them exactly what you are looking for. They are both fine individuals and if I didn't make calls myself, I'd be confident using either one.


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Haven't played Stumpy's yet but you can't beat Lonzo's acrylic glass calls, best out there. I hear Stumpy's new ceramic caller has been knockin' 'em dead.


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Had the pleasure of hunting with Stumpy last weekend. Gerry (Bram) and I got to try out his new ceramic calls and the results were two dead gobblers. Lonzo is a fine fellow and makes an awesome sounding call.

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Both guys make good calls. Lon has been making calls for a while and has won numerous awards. Chad a/k/a Stumpy a/k/a Dominator has just started selling pot calls, but he has been a supplier of the glass, aluminum, etc. for several other callmakers so he knows about pot calls. I know Lon, but I know Chad a little better so I don't think you would have a problem with a call from either one of these guys. good luck
thanks guys, I hope to get back in the shop this week and build some more calls, I have been swamped with trying manage some land and keeping everybody supplied with glass, slate and ceramic and working a full time job ( I need some R&R). hope to post some pics soon of some more calls.