Don't fish for Brook trout during spawning? Opinions

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Just wanting to see what everyone's opinion on fishing for native brookies while spawning, and the time brookies start spawning here in north ga. I haven't seen any heavy spawning colors or activity yet where I've fished.


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interested in thoughts Ive held off all summer from my favorite brookie hole and was planning on going this fall.
If we closed every stream during each spawning season, there would be no time to fish except the dog days of summer which are the worst time to fish for trout anyway.

I don't see any issue with fishing during spawning season per say. I have a big issue with targeting fish that are actively sitting on redds and carelessly stomping through the stream without regard to the redds.

Fish carefully. Watch where you step. Other than that, I don't see any problem.
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I see no harm in it, but I'm careful about where I step if they have redds going.
The closed season was more for protecting the eggs and spawn habitat than the fish themselves. In some states you cannot drag ANYTHING that will disturb the bottom. Some streams we closed so nobody would wade through the beds.
I think they should worry about bank erosion more than closing the season for fishin personally!