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Say hello to Big Foot for us.
2 turkeys just walked right by me here at had a good 9 to 10 inch beard, the other looked a wee bit shorter...maybe 7-8 inches

BB, were these two turkeys named Jesse and Al by any chance???? :rofl: :pop:

Trying to catch any tail is difficult...let alone triple tail! :bounce: :clap: :D
Truer words were never spoken !!! I could be the "poster child" for this kinda fishing excursion !!! :D :D :hair:
By the way, HAPPY SATURDAY to everyone. Got to get my rear in gear and get up to the country and do a few things up there today.
It is the weekend. wheeeeeeeeeeeeee



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Morning Mike and everybody else who wakes up later than this posting! Morning Gobbleinwoods!


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Well jus a short 4 or 5 hours an I'll have another werk week in tha book. Then its home to werk for me for a couple hours :banana: :banginghe
Mornin.....goin fishin!!!

Notice I said fishin....catchin has yet to be determined.


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I think he was hoping to go higher but landing with the Super Bowl champs and playing with a good passer like Eli Manning with help his career out.
I thought it was brilliant of NY to look beyond his lack of receiving ops while at LSU and see his real talent. Also see that Hicks gets to stay at home, that's gotta be sweet.

Ahight, off to run da' chain saw for a couple of hours. Y'all keep it tween da' lines.


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I get told I'm Out There all the time.....
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