Double bull blinds - are they worth the money?

If you plan on using it a lot then yes they are worth it. They come with a lifetime warranty. Check YouTube to see the inside and out about them.
Ive never used one, bit i bought one sportsman guide for 100 bucks and would never trade it for a 300 dollar one, been in the woods 3 years bow and still looks new


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5 years ago I would have said yes.
Now, companies are making blinds that are blacked out, good material, tight hub systems, and larger camo patterns to hide larger objects.

I still love my Double Bull, but wouldn't buy another with all of the less expensive options out there.


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Killzone 360 is a good blind vary in price but around 150.00.
I would buy another one. Mine is 6 years old and going strong. My dad has one that is 7 years old. Both are still in excellent condition.