Double digit largemouth

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Finally caught that monster bass I always wanted! I was messing around with a shaky head and caught her. I was with a friend who was using the technique and explaining it and he caught a good little 3lb football shaped bass. So I tried my Own shaky head with a black trick worm and caught a 2.5lber. After the bite died, we left but I came back to fish the last few hours of sunlight and hooked into this beast! She was bigger than the 8lber I caught a week ago and was over 20 inches so my guess is 9-10lbs! She was caught on a megastrike shake2 jig head and a junebug trick worm with the tail dyed chartreuse.



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Good fishing right there!


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Awesome fish! That shakey head will fool them, especially if they don't see it a lot.
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Thanks all. Shaky head is something I had for a long time but never really gave it a chance. It's definitely staying rigged up! The trick worm is easily in my top 5 all time baits also. I only just started using one last year because of another buddy and it's caught me a ton of bass already. There's a million ways to fish one for literally any situation and I guess I just added another to my bag of tricks... no pun intended. I should add that it was an extremely lucky catch also, because I was using a medium light spinning rod and 8lb test line