Double digit largemouth

Shaky head with a zoom ultra vibe speed craw is my number one go to bait. The only bait I can consistently catch bass on year round. Catches numbers and size. Nice fish!
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A trick worm and a air tail worm by grandebass has been working shaky head for me so far. I'll have to try the speed craw. The more I use it, the more fish I'm catching!
Darn, why didn't I think of that? That's a great idea! I have some standout drop shot hooks that'll work perfect like that too
Let me know if you try it. My fingers got smashed in a steel door thanks to Irma and I've been out of fishing commission since as it's my right hand. I'm starting to worry about one of them. At best I think I'm going to lose 2 fingernails.

I didn't come up with that rig. I was using Google Images looking at pictures of how to tie the drop shot hook so it stays vertical and saw a few rigged that way. They called it the "shaky drop". Since then I've also seem the drop shot tied above a jig. I haven't tried that yet, but would like to.

What really stinks is my closest and favorite fishing spot I can't use any of these techniques in. The lake has so much thick grass that you can't fish anything on the bottom. Any deep diving lures you can pretty much kiss goodbye also. Or use heavy braid so you don't loose them, but then you end up with 4 pounds of grass dragging back to you. No finesse fishing's all about a reaction bite.