Drake LST Waders

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Who knows where i can get a pair of these for cheap, new.
Also if aybody has a pair in good shape theyd like to sell, let me know.
im looking for a pair in mossy oak bottomland, and the 1600 gram thinsulate (LST).


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you can order them from many places, never seen um cheap though..

personally i dont like the velcro straps, i rather have buckles


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rogers sporting goods will be coming out with their preseason catalog sometime soon. Last year they had them for around $180, I should have pulled the trigger then, I never saw them anywhere close to that again.


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I agree on the velcro...my last pair had it & I like the buckles better. I got the Cabela's SuperMag (1600) for $180 and love them...buckles inside the wader :cool:
Craig's List or Ebay would be a place to find used ones? I don't know why Drake loves their gear so much! I owned a pair of 1600 gram thinsulate and i burnt up in em, especially after a long hike!

I had to downgrade to 1200 or 1000 thinsulate, I hunted Arkansas and an iced over lake in Wisconsin, and the 1200 did me great! But I know once you get your mind set, it's hard to change it, you'll be toasty no matter the conditions in the 1600 gram wader!!

Good Luck!
Kinda get the feeling that you dont understand that Drake and cheap dont belong in the same sentence.Its kinda like panhandling infront of Turner field,nobody is gonna "give" you too much, just settle for the Redheads