Dress code at church?


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Pale Blue Dun said:
And I was reminded of a sermon that I preached a few years back. I was preaching at the Douglas County Jail. Around me were men in prison uniforms, standing unashamed with hands in the air praising Jesus. Unaware that they were in prison for just an hour on this Tuesday. They were not in the presence of prison guards but in the presence of tha Holy Spirit. Jesus surrounded Himself with the dregs of society. These people needed Him. They were there in whatever they had to wear and as far as I know there was no dress code required to be part of His ministry. Jesus didn't go and pick the elite citizens of Israel for his desciples. He didn't look at Peter and say, "Go change your clothes and follow me."

I know some of you were raised to wear your Sunday best to church and that is fine. Absolutely nothing wrong with that. But there is absolutely nothing wrong with shorts and flip flops, either. God Bless them!!! They are worshipping!! Being a Christian is about relationships, not clothes.

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Amen brother