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Have the blade from a Dexter Russell Sani Safe fillet knife that broke off at the handle.

Looking to make a small paring/bird/trout knife with it by making wood scales and brass pins (1/8") for the handle.

The drill bits I have won't scratch it. Where can I find a bit that will make holes in the SS?


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Have you tried punching it. You need a dimple to keep the bit in one place, then some oil for lubrication.

Once you keep it from walking, You will make headway.


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Go to Lowe's and buy the expensive bits
Should work


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What Sinclair1 said. Plus, you may want to try holding down with more pressure and not spinning the drill so fast. Worked best for me when drilling into stainless disconnects in my electrical days.
Speed is as important as the bit. Try slowing down the drill speed and using WD40. If it is throwing fine sand your speed is off. You want to see small chips.

Anvil Head

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It sounds like you are trying to drill hardened and tempered SS (working part of the blade). Standard bits are most likely not going to cut it. You will need carbide bits that are fairly pricy (and easy to break). Might just consider grinding the tang area down and making it a hidden tang, nick it up a bit with a Dremel disc and epoxy in place with high grade slow cure epoxy. Smaller blades really don't have to have pins if glued in properly. You can even cast a pewter guard/bolster in place when done if you like. Good epoxy will hold just fine.
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Thanks for the replies folks.
Got a couple Cobalt bits on the way, if they don't work
will do as Anvil Head suggested.