Drop away rest ?

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Do you guys prefer cable driven or limb driven. Have recently purchased a new to me obsession defcon6 and fixing to start decking it out.
Every bow I own has the PSE phantom drop away, it is served in to your downward cable. I have had them all, and I believe this is the most simple and worry free out there. All my bows are Bowtech bows and they all shoot over 300 fps. Very easy to tune and very quite.
I've always preferred cable driven. It seems to me that a limb-driven rest has that much extra cord to possibly get entangled in something and screw up while in the field. I know, it's not much, but it's my only concern.


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Have had the same QAD drop away cable driven rest on my Switchback since '09. Wore out 4 strings. Never a problem with the rest. Haven't used anything else.