Dual probe thermometer recomendations?


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I need to get a dual probe thermometer for my smoker.

Recomendations needed for a simple to use, durable and accurate model.



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I ordered this one with my smokin stone.


My dad has this one and it seems like a good one. The only reason I went with the above one over this one is it is remote and hopefully will wake me during the night when/if the grill needs tending.

This one appears to be the same as the Char-Griller, it appears to be a popular thermo with a lot of positive feedback (which is another reason I went with the chargriller). It can be had a little cheaper than MRP on amazon.

I'm also looking at the auber temp controller to round out making it the ultimate "kooker" for the investment.

Its super efficient
Holds a steady temp so it doesn't need constant tending
It is a versatile cooker
The thermo will wake me if something critical happens during the night. This means I can get a worry free nights sleep which is very valuable when you have two toddlers...
I can cary on about my day without worring about temps of meat or smoker thanks to the remote thermo and controller.
The controller will reduce the odds of the something critical mentioned above happening
All for less than $600 bucks
Most important of all, everything that has came off of it has been great (even the over cooked steaks). I over cooked some chicken thighs (~185 to 190* wanted them to come off at 165*)the other night due to timing issues (wife was off schedule getting some other things out to the grill) and they were still moist and tender.
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For real?

A remote display???!!!



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Success !

Found the new version of the Maverick (virtually identical to yours ) at a local grill store this morning.

Thanks for the tip.
Maverick makes a good thermometer. You should also check out thermoworks.com they have great products and the superfast thermopens are well worth the $$$


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Too late. The Maverick is mine.

Going to give it a test run in a few minutes.

Unreal freedom with this unit. I'm able to monitor from anywhere within 100 yards. This thing is gonna be handy on the overnight smokes.

Had no idea how far behind times I was. :)
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