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Lets hear some info on those duck bands collected this year . Mine was a hen woodie killed on lake talquin ,fl in december . She was banded in Ontario Canada in 2006 .
Shot a 5 year old drake woodie in central Georgia that was realeased in Sharon, Georgia. Nothing too special, but shootin a banded bird is always enjoyable!
i figured there would be alot more feedback on duck bands
Not many people are lucky enough to kill a Banded Duck. Resident Canada Geese are another story.

Congrats on yours.

Did you do a google map search to estimate how far she migrated? That will surprise you.

I hope you have more banded birds in your lifetime. Good Luck!
killed a banded ross goose in arkansas this spring. It was banded on July 2006 in northeast Canada. Killed 2 other banded geese that weekend also 1 snow goose and another ross goose. All 3 banded somewhere in north Canada. I heard the next weekend some guys killed a double banded ross with a 30 dollar reward band.
double banded drake mallet in MO. One was a reward band don't know no any info yet!
you can go to
and type in the band number and it will tell you where the bird was banded and so on. You can also submit the kill and location info instead of calling it in. If you have already called it in you can still type the number in and see where it was banded if you don't want to wait on certificate.


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i shot a banded woody drake in statesboro that was banded in maryland. he was only a few months old too.
Most states have banding programs. Volunteer to help with these summer/early fall banding projects. You'll learn a whole bunch of interesting waterfowl tidbits. The best piece of knowledge is that these ducks and geese don't travel far from where they are captured.

Try to hunt close and you will most likely bag a few more banded birds.
Only killed one banded duck in over fifty years of duck hunting. Banded at the Savannah River Site. A week before I killed the bird fifteen miles away from where it was banded. Now I have killed a bunch of geese with jewelry.


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The 5 wood ducks we picked up this year with bands were all Ga, bands. Rain had them scattered for the main spot I hunt to be solid this past fall. Slow year
How’d you know people sell them on eBay?
Have you been on eBay and looked ? Go to eBay and look. If you want you can go to a band company and have them made. We handed them out at hunt test years ago when I was a retriever club equipment manager. Blue for a winner red second place yellow for third and green for a judges award of merit. Note for you hunt test folks before you go off the deep end and tell me I don’t know what I’m talking about. Please let me explain some of us predate the hunt test era which started in the early 1980 time frame. I should have said club trial not hunt test.
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