Ducks arriving by the day...

Dang Mex ur not suppose to help the hunters who's dogs won't stay screwed down ... always entertaining watching except for the yelling ... funny how many dogs names u know but not the hunters :) haha
Nice place squealer!!!!!! You don't by chance still own the place down from me and need someone to go watch it for you do ya?
Looking good Mex ... I had 2 groups of about 30 each in my lake when I got back from Illinois ... hopeful a few more didn't spot ur place and made it to Fl ...
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Sounds good Flats, I was only watching for about 5 minutes this am but didn’t see nearly the amount of ducks I saw yesterday pm....they might have been stopping to feed on their way to a Florida vacation.
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Birds seem to have moved through. Hoping that weather system up north brings us new birds for Sat. but not expecting much. Low numbers of birds first season but good variety. Teal, Woodies, Cans, Ringnecks, Mallards and Buffleheads bagged so far.