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Does anyone in the Central Southeast area (Fitzgerald, Rebecca, Rochelle) know of ANYWHERE I can get Rouen Ducks? They look like mallards, but are heavier & don't fly (at least not very far) but I haven't found them at any of the local feed stores this year & check the shipping cost & not sure I want to *special order* neither! Any help would be appreciated.
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Try the Pearson live stock sale every 2nd and 4th Sat of the month.
I've heard of this sale most of my life but never been, where's it located? can you tell me anything more?
Thanks a million!
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G and L pond shop in Fitzgerald has them about this time of the year.
Thanks, just talked to her, they are out till after June, but do have some guinea's to go by & chk on - - the last time I had talked to her, she wasn't going to get any more ducks, that's why I'd put a shout out on here about them!