Duke's Mixture

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My Dad use to use the term “Duke’s Mixture.” I understood that it was a random assortment of things, but I didn’t really know its origin. Some think that the term originated with a low end brand of Pipe tobacco from back in the day: “The public snickered that Duke's Mixture brand, because it was low end, was a thrown together stew of tobacco odds and ends, and this led early on to the phrase duke's mixture we sometimes still hear used today, to mean a hodge-podge of something.”

The term came up again just the other day in a conversation with two friends. I was reminded of the phrase this morning when I ran across the following photo from last night. This photo is the Captain's Café’s version of a Duke’s Mixture……………………..



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#6 shot with a cylinder choke would take of most of those 12 with 1 shot. Of course then we wouldn't have pictures to look at. :)