Dyeeros-it's all Greek to me


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Looks great,,,,up here in S MI,hsve the Greeks with the real stuff,,,,to die for,,,,and the coney's,lemon rice soup,Bakliva,Rice pudding,Greek salads,,,,
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Holy thread resurrection, Batman!

7 1/2 years later, I still make dyeeros, and they're still delicious. Add dill to the tzataziki sauce, too.
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That looks great! :cheers:

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It was. Thanks for me finding that old post. :bounce:. I've been craving that for a while. It was DELISH!


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Glad this did get bumped back up, because I was going to ask how many have tried the 2 for $6 gyros they have now at Arby's. Pretty darn tasty to me for 3 bucks.

Now I am going to have to step it up several notches and try NCHB's recipe.
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Here was my last batch that I took a pic of a while back: