E-Bay/Paypal question

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To all,

If you sell on e-bay and your paypal account is credit card based, is there a problem with accepting money? I see some sellers don't accept paypal payments from accounts that are credit card based.

Can anyone answer this question? I can't find an answer on e-bay or paypal's sites.




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I haven't used paypal or ebay in a few months, but paypal used to charge the seller an additional fee for receiving credit card payments. Check me if I am wrong on this, fellas.
That's the reason I never used it. It used to be 2% to the seller or on small items, there was a minimum fee. If you want paypal to pay you and not just credit the money on your account, they charge $1 or something like that to send you a check.

The other reason is a lot of the people selling stuff on e-bay are doing it shall we say, tax free. Kinda like a flea market.



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Paypal charges sellers a fee for processing credit cards. In most cases it is $.30 per transaction and 2.9% of the amount transferred. If you transfer from the Paypal balance or from a bank account, there is no charge to the seller for this service.