Eagle's Beak Park Etowah River

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Anyone fish the Etowah in the Eagle's Beak area in Forsyth Co. Looks like they put in a nice new launch last year and it would be a convenient place to fish for a couple of hours when Hollis Lathem closes at 5:00.
Guy I know had his truck broken into there and ransacked when he was just walking his dog. Stole a gun and some tools. I went over and checked it out, but it's easier for me to put in upstream (before the landfill) at the gun club (member). No riff-raff at the gun club.
Yeah for real.
Fish the bank and watch your truck like an eagle and you’ll be fine.
Leave your truck and no one is within a mile to keep an eye or ear out for you.
That spot ain’t worth leaving nothing unprotected.
Ruthless crooks crawling north cumming. Even the honest ones are crooks somedays more often than not.
Seems a way of life there.
I’d pick a better more populated spot to launch.
Haven’t seen the ramp your talking about and don’t ever care to. Locals Too shady just a mile away in both directions.

That spot was private property but no gold diggers would stay away so the land was given to the public to use.
Is what I was told. Then I know the park across the river was being built but we MOVED!
Never to return to north west cumming!
SHADY PEOPLE dug in deep!!!

There is deer turkey flatheads blues strippers gold and rattlesnakes.
You can have it.


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That’s a shame. I stopped by there a while back just to look. Thought about using the ramp myself. Guess I’ll look elsewhere.
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I might give it a shot anyway. I've done riskier things to catch a fish :) There's nothing in my old truck to steal, so hopefully they don't get the wheels.