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Larry is going to enjoy starting this forum over! He has plenty of info to enter here!

While we are thinking of ER, let's pray for his wife! She is at Gwinnett Medical recovering from some rather extensive surgery to remove a tumor!

Early, we all pray for her fast and complete recovery and peace for your whole family!

We are all here for you if you need us. Just holler!
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Hope he gets some food plot pics soon.
and his wife gets better of course...


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yep...we're still praying for y'all Larry.....let us know how she is doing...
ER is very generous he offered help for us FL boys through the storm and we are greatfull and we will be praying for your wife to get better if there is anything we can do let us know prayers sent.
Still praying Larry and I'm still right down the street if you need me!


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Its amazing how things work out. We were able to get the food plots planted last weekend. God worked out for me to get there last week end instead of this week end. Now we know why.

I planted the ones in Madison County last Wed and I was over today and they are green and look good.

early riser

Thanks fellows for all the prayers and support. We got the reports back this morning and the cancer seems to have spread to the ovaries, portions of the colon and into the lymph nodes, (Adeno Carcinona). Looks like we are going to have a long bumpy road to travel. We all appreciate each and every prayer and please remember my wife and our family in every one.

The flowers are beautiful! Thanks to the sender/s, (Woodites) it truely means a lot to know how many friends we have and how much prayer and support is being given.

More than ever now we will especially appreciate each and every prayer.

Toni is a special and strong woman. I only hope I can be half as strong for her. We have seen the enemy and now it is time to fight him.


Will definately remember you and your wife in prayer.My mother went thru a battle with breast cancer that had spread into her lymph nodes,after surgery,chemo,radiation and alot of prayers everything is fine and no trace of cancer.


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Glad to see you got on Buddy. We got the man upstairs working on your behalf.
ER my 8yr old prays for the man on the boards wife to get better and well keep praying also keep your head high and keep your faith things happen for a reason sometimes we dont understand why but they do let us know how things turn out God bless you and your family.
larry and toni...sorry the results were not what everyone on here had been praying for, still, it ain't over yet and each and every one on here will redouble their efforts! it ain't over yet, and as you know we have seen one of our own members recover from cancer! hang in there my friend and be sure and let toni know we are praying hard for her.
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Prayers are with ya'll......

Just take care of that wife and keep the "faith".......

We're here for you if you need us..... :)
ER and Toni, you know that there are tons of prayers winging upward from all your friends on Woodys. If there is anything any of us can help with just say the word. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family every minute of the day.