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I have a decent size clear cut I plowed in late July early August. Around 80 yards long, 20 yards wide. Looking to plant something that will grow easily. I planted Rye in August, it came up but dried out and died soon after. I know I know it was WAY too early to plant. It grew in thin and in spot, it is in constant sun light. I am looking to plant something here within the next few weeks. I was thinking clover?? I want something that is tough. Something that is easy to grow. And something that will last through deer season. I also thought about a winter peas, rye and radish mix. I am definetily going to plant a strip of black eyed peas down one side of the plot. Just curious as to how it will grow and with stand the deer pop. Any ideas guys? I would ideally just want to rake the plot, scratch up the soil and throw the seed out by hand. I have no access to equipment now other than hand tools. Thanks.


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The tuff part for you is, that without a soil test or the ability to work the recommended lime & fertilizers in the ground, you are limited to what you can plant and be successful.

You have about 1/3 of an acre there. Rye, wheat and crimson clover are your best bets. They can tolerate lower ph and poorer quality of soils. You might be wasting your money trying anything else, until you can amend the soil.

Having said that, there is nothing wrong with Rye, wheat and crimson clover, to draw deer in! Relatively inexpensvie and will do the job.

It will be a good idea to still put down lime and fertilizer, as best you can and work it in the soil, with what you have. Covering your seeds will be the most important thing, so the critters don't get them.

Oh yeah, and pray for rain
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Thank you sir! I appreciate the info. I was leaning towards clover already so I will try your mix recommendation. Hopefully it will take. Thanks again.
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That sounds like a good idea to me. I want to have to best chance possible to grow a decent food plot. I have planted the throw and grow plots before with good results. I thought I would plant a real food plot this year. Something that has more to offer the deer and hunter :bounce: Thanks again guys. Looks like I will be planting a clover, wheat and rye mixture this year.
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Has anyone had success with Austrailain Winter Peas? I was told by a buddy to plant clover and rye together then a section of winter peas. Correct me if I'm wrong but everything here is relatively easy to grow and just needs seed to soil contact. I think I might give this a run. And I am definetly going to give the black eyed peas a try. I know it is a little late and there probably won't be any peas on the vines but the deer usually eat the vines down before the peas come up anyways so I figured it couldn't hurt to put some in the ground.