Eating hybrids, white bass, striper

The white bass run up river here during the spring. I will say the ones that come from the cold running water, are fine. I have also caught them in the lakes in July, they are near as good as the ones coming out of the cold water creeks.
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Stripes are in my top 2-3 favorite fresh water fish. Large flakes with a sweet flavor. I NEVER put one back. Landlocked don't belong here. Eat em' all.


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I only keep them if the crappie are not biting , but I’m gonna try some of yall’s recipes ! They sure are fun to catch
IMO, everything red needs to go, unless you are one of those folks who enjoys the taste of stuff like canned mackerel and other really fishy fish. When you get rid of the red stuff, they are nice, mild, firm white fish with a good flavor.


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Man, I should not have clicked on this thread. I'm stuck here at work with no fish to eat.

I really like striper, but I don't get the chance to eat it often. I prefer it like I do most of my fish. I filet the fish and remove the red meat, then cut in to fish fingers. The I let it soak in buttermilk. I mix up a cornmeal / flour breading spiced up with Old Bay and deep-fry it and cook until crispy for maximum artery destruction.

Now I got to go find some fried fish for lunch.