Ecofina April 6th

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Saturday morning we had to get out early to beat the tournament crowd.
. We idled out with flashlights till could see well enough to run. We went east and got to fishing. My buddy was killing the short trout but I couldn’t get a bite. We caught 5 remoras in s row after that. But at 10:00 the first trout hit the box. And we had a limit by lunch.
. (Fish #10 and a blue not in photo) We caught another limit of trout by 3:00(that we threw back) and headed in.
. Man what a crowd at the ramp.
. Luckily nobody was using the cleaning station so we went and cleaned the fish. Met this cute little guy there.
. After we got cleaned up it was time for dinner at Deals again. Yummy [FACE SAVOURING DELICIOUS FOOD]

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