Ecofina April 7th

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Sunday the 7th. We got up and got packed. Then headed to the ramp and headed out to a beautiful sunrise.
. On my second cast I caught a Spanish.
. Shortly thereafter a small bird flying towards the boat does not make it and splashes down in the water by the boat. I fished him out with the landing net.
. Poor little guy looked wore out so I put him on the console to rest.
. We needed to move and I knew the little guy wasn’t rested enough so i put him inside the console while we ran. After about an hour I opened the console and he flew out landing on a reel. Then he flew off.
. Pretty good fishing today after about 10:30 with 68 degrees water.
. We headed in at lunch with 3 trout a spanish and a pompano. Was a great trip with a good friend. Can’t wait till next year.

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