Egleston childrens hospital.

Glad to hear the great news.

You are right about nurses. It takes a special person to be one. My wife is a nurse.
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She is doing good just doesn't want to eat or drink much.They have an IV giving her fluids and she is talking a lot more now.We are going to get her up and let her walk some.That will help to get her moving around instead of laying in bed all day.All prayers are appreciated.
Prayers sent. Know to well about the ccu at Egleston. That's my heart surgery patient in my avatar. Still thank God everyday that we have a place like Egleston close to us
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Another day closer to going home.:cool:
They took out 1 of her drainage tubes today and as soon as the other quits draining they will take it out.Its not draining much but they want it to quit before they take it out.She is talking and playing and everything is looking good.Thanks for all the prayers.::;
That's great to hear! Prayers still going up for all of you. Vicki will be back in tomorrow. She will check on ya'll.
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Ok David,we will look for her.They say they are gonna take other tube out tomorrow so home may not be in the too far future.:clap:
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Took the other chest tube out and doing good.They said we should get to leave early tomorrow.:clap::clap:
That is great news, thanks for keeping us updated. Will keep her in my prayers.
That's great news Buddy. She get better fast at home. We'll keep you all in our prayers.
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Thanks everyone for your prayers.
Thanks David and tell Vicki thanks also.
She is back to her old self thinking she can get her way(she does most of the time :biggrin2:) and being sassy.It was a longer wait than we anticipated but long as she is ok is what matters. I met some new friends while here and everyone at the hospital are top notch.For those that haven't been to the Childrens Hospital if you ever go you will realize your problem may not be as bad as you thought.There are some children there that have some big medical problems that will make you view things a little different.My prayers go out to them all.::;::;
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We made it back safe and sound.Jamie is doing good and pray she stays that way.Thanks all.
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Had my baby girl over for the weekend and she is back to her old self. Thanks for the prayers.