Ellijay area fishing tips

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Heading up to Ellijay for Labor Day weekend and was wondering if anyone could give me some good tips and locations for trout. We are staying in a cabin off the Cossawatee River. Does the Coosawatee hold trout? I've read that summer months the water in the Coosawattee is to warm. On the DNR site they say the coosawattee holds large trout. What are anyone's experiences with this river and what else could I plan on hooking up to in there? I've had succeed in the past in a river around Curtis Switch road closer to Blueridge with medium size trout of different variety. I'm hoping to stay closer to Ellijay this go around. Any tips would be appreciated.
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I would imagine that it's much too warm for trout right now. Maybe check out some of the creeks on the Southern edge of the Cohuttas? Or fish for bass where you're at. I thought there were spotted bass in the river not smallmouth?