encore. 454 worth

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I have a encore 454 casull barrel i was thinking of selling and was wanting to get a feel of how much they are going for. It has a 4 power scope and a custom brake by miles gibby. Burris 3 ring mag bases. It is stailess steal. It also have a set of. carbide reloading dies and a set of walnut grip and forarm with it. Might sale might not just wanting to get a idea of what they are worth. Thanks guys.


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You have to do the math and figure what you have in it. With all stuff mentioned above. Then come to a compromise as to what your willing to lose on the deal. My 02 cents.


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I assume that the furniture is stock TC stuff.

If so, then the pistol itself is worth $450-550 depending on condition. You could probably add in $25 for the scope base.

As for the scope, it really depends on the make. If it is a Konus or other cheapy, just take it off and call it a day. If it is a Burris or Bushnell, then figure about $75-100. If it is a Leupold, then $150-200.

Those are "fair" prices. At the end of the day, you can ask whatever you want for it. Whether it sells or not is another story.