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I had an encounter with a good one this morning in the deer woods. Was sorely tempted to fling an arrow at him, but let him walk. He came in close, twenty feet maybe, so I got a good look at him. He was big for his age. His scrotum was empty and his tail was thin so I'm guessing young of the year. He's got potential/good genes. If he makes it 'til next year he should be a shooter. Another year and he'll be even bigger (more meat), and his tail should be full and fluffy (more hair for flies). If I put out a feeder and hang a camera maybe I can post some pics. Stay tuned.
Nothing like hunting trophy gray squirrels!
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Stalker you won't do!
You must be practicing some serious QSM.
Do you feed protein year round?
Would you let your little dog tangle with one 'em critters?