Enough to stink up the grease...

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As my grandpa would say. Spent the gorgeous day God provided us out at Oconee bank fishing with my fiancé. Someone was already in our usual spot when we arrived, so we found a feeder creek through the woods and followed it to a nice cove. Fished it for about an hour and managed 3 catfish and a few crappie all on light tackle. Went back over to our usual spot that was available and spent the rest of the day there. Caught about 30 crappie, but only kept 18. They were all males but one, they all had split red tails from fanning beds. Ready to fry them up now.



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If you got a fiancé willing to hold up a fish stringer for a picture you better hurry up and put her on your own stringer. Nice haul, and bank fishing too!
Nice haul! Post up your cooked fish pics in paymasters outdoor forum.