Evolve 31

I've never owned a PSE in my life until the Evolve series cams came out. Now I own two, and agree they're the best bows I've ever shot. And I get to shoot and tune just about everything. You won't regret it.


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I love mine also, but think it's louder than it should be. The reason I say that is, because a lot of people say it's the quietest bow they've ever shot.
I bought the 35, but same story. Shot everything available locally and thought the pse was as good or better than any for the money. I've only shot one deer this year, but love shooting it and in turn shoot a good bit more than I used to. I expect to own it for a few years and do it all over again.


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Anyone shot the 33s yet? I felt like the aluminum 35 was a good bit quieter with less hand shock than its carbon brother. The new carbon 33 is a sweet looking bow