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The block grill I fabricated had its first use today cooking 2 pieces of prime sirloin from Sam's. It was low and slow and ended just right with an excellent red oak smoke flavor. Next time I probably will heat up my gas grill to the max and quickly sear on either side. Below are pictures



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Delicious looking results from an interesting grill !!
Very cool setup! Those make some of the best burgers you will ever eat, too.

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Now that is a thought. Will have to do some burgers. All I had were large chunks that I had for BGE. Going to cut down some of the volunteer small willow oaks which are of the red oak family and are all over the woods that surround my house and inappropriately placed so I will have logs which will work much better for a bigger and hotter coal bed.
I can't do that right now because of painful hip and what is I suspectis impending hip surgery. See Orthopedist at Emory on Feb. 6th.


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Lot's of folk don't know how to build those
any more.

Meat looks good too..