Excited for some new hardware

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I got a little extra change in my pocket, and the wife went out of town. So i went down to the store and picked up that SX4 I've been eyeballing for a few months. I have the x3 but after 7 years and a lot of trips up and down the coast, the camo was worn out from layout blinds, and it really was starting to hate those dove loads. I'll be excited to sneak it out of the gun safe the first time. I wanted to see if anyone else had picked up any chokes that were patterning well out of their 4. I'm going to pattern the factory tubes of course. Im a huge fan of the briley grand passage I have on my sx3. But I don't think they make that tube anymore


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Kicks High Flyer,patterns great in my SX3,plus The Gobbling Thunder is a slam dunk with LONGBEARD XR #6.If your not happy with the choke call and send it back and they will find a tube that makes you happy.