Fading Light

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Sometimes -- late in the evening when shadows are getting long. -- Objects begin taking different shapes and forms. -- Light filters through differently causing your mind to play tricks.:D

Last week -- about 40 yards from my stand I could have sworn I saw a rub as big as my thigh but it turned out to be sunlight from the setting sun filtering through to make it appear that way. ::huh:

At least I haven't seen any little green men -- yet.:D

Anybody else seen things that turned out to be caused by low light conditions?
Rising/Setting Sun Conditions

Quite often the rising/setting sunlight that is filtering thru the lower tree branches can create illusions to your eyes. I have quite often seen a patch of white and thought it was part of a deer that just suddenly appeared, and then it seemed to change position slightly as the sun rose/set a little more. More than once I've had to either use my scope or binoculars to see if what I perceived to be "light reflecting off large antlers" was really that or not. Quite often it was just the way the rising/setting sun was hitting and reflecting off of barren/dying branches in a tree.

One thing is for sure.... it will sure start your heart beating a lot faster when you first see it and that "at last, here we go again" thoughts of another good deer coming into you. All that drowziness and sleepiness suddenly disappears and you are wide awake and alert.

One thing that I surely have learned over the years is that deer have the knack of SUDDENLY APPEARING FROM NOWHERE. It says a lot for their "natural camoflage" and stealthy movement when they suddenly appear in a place where before there was nothing but trees and shrubs a few moments earlier.
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I struggle with first light...

I frequently see what I think is a deer right before first light and swear it is moving around, only to see its a pine blowover or a bush or something else. It will get your heart beating a little bit...


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I've seen what appeared to be Pteradactyls and my fair share of haint's, but that was usualy after suown. :D
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:D :D --- that sounds like a friend of mine.

He was hired for a new job. --- Had to make a run to New York City _and back_ without sleep.

They gave him some little black pills to take when he got there and things were fine until he got down about Virginia on the return trip.:)

He was cruising along about 70 mph and he noticed there was two Rabbits on the hood!! --- and they were dancing! :D --- he pulled off and looked everywhere for the Rabbits but he said they must have run off.

He still swears this is true.
One of the funniest things happened when my cousin thought he saw a owl. We were walkin in the woods and all of a sudden my cousin grabs me and says look at that owl. I start looking out in front of us and see nothing. I ask him where its at and he points and tells me. I still see nothing. Turns out it was a bunch of pine cones all together.

Needless to say I told him to go back home and go to sleep. He was so serious about seeing it, but it wasn't there.



Yes I have.....

It's called gettin' "older"........ :D :D :D

Unfortunately I'm fallin' into that category..... :banginghe :banginghe