Family vacations, when you were a kid . .

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Never had one, my parents sent me away during the summers. Dad was career military and there wasn’t much family time. He was high ranking so my Mom played a role too. They were never home.

I do family vacations with my girls because its something I missed out on
We mostly came to Georgia, because this is where our roots and extended Family were.

We did take little short weekenders up and down the Gulf Coast as it was only a couple hours drive.

What we did very frequently was saltwater fishing and camping with several other Families/close friends we made in our time in Louisiana. Some had fish camps we regularly stayed at.


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First two weeks after school let out we spent at Shepp's on Watts Bar Lake. The last week before go'n back we went to the "Redneck Riviera". Most of the time in between we camped on 'Toona off of Third Army Rd.


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we would go to VA beach occasionally and a day trip through the blue ridge mountains....i did summer camps in 4H......
Hoeing bakker and putting up hay. We didn't do family vacations. After my sisters and I got older, we would take off to the beach or somewhere by ourselves every now and then.


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The few vacations we went on was going down to Flagler Beach Florida, fishing.


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Grew up in Wisconsin. Took several family vacations to Canada as a kid. They were primarily fishing trips, but did a little sight seeing. Also did a few winter cabin trips up to Northern MN ice fishing for jumbo perch. Last big trip we took when I still lived at home was out west to Sturgis. Dad was a huge Harley nut. We got to see the main strip in Sturgis, the Black Hills, Badlands and Mount Rushmore. Pa even signed for me to get my first tattoo in Sturgis when I was 17.


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We went to Myrtle Beach once when I was growing up. Beins how we had a produce farm, getting away was hard. My highlight was seeing the ocean the first time, and we actually got to go out to eat at a restaurant!!!

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We always went to the beach. Different beaches until we found our little Island off the beaten path. Been going back all my life. When you find a good thing, the others just don't compare.


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We were a annual beach vacation family growing up. As a kid, Panama City, Destin, Daytona and New Smyrna Beach. GREAT memories.
My girls grew up going to New Smyrna Beach, now my granddaughters.
Lived on Maxwell AFB in Montgomery Alabama from '64-'70.

My father was a NCO so we would go down to Maxwell-Gunter Recreation Area(I had to Google it, I didn't know the name) 3 times per summer. It's in Niceville Florida. It was basically a single wide trailer park on the Choctawhatchee Bay.
The old man had his 20 in in 1970 so I guess he had a lot of time off.

It's still there but it's bungalows now. If you take that "new" bridge from Destin over the Bay to Niceville it's on the left when you get to Niceville.

We would always visit my father's friend at Eglin AFB while we were down there.
Once each trip we would go to the NCO club on Fort Walton beach(out in the "middle of nowhere" on Okaloosa Island) and eat dinner in Destin at LaFontaine's Warf. It was cool watching the charter boats come in with the huge catches they had back then.
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It was an awesome place in the '60's. Skeeter trucks would come through the trailer park spraying DDT every night and we would chase them around. We would see deer on the sides of the road at night. Those were the only deer I ever saw until the early 1980's.

I remember all the cool roadside stands on the way down there and wanting to stop. The old man always had the hammer down in the '63 Ford Falcon and he would stop. I always that when I was older I would stop. Nope. I always have the hammer down "trying to make good time".

We did stop in Opp Alabama for a cone a DQ on the way down every trip. Back in those day Air Force Bases didn't have fast food and such on base so we never ate fast food. I mean never. I'm not complaining. I loved growing up on AFB's.

I also remember getting down to south Alabama and seeing the Spanish Moss starting to be in the trees. We would hit Florala and be exited to be down to Florida. I love Spanish moss to this day.

I also loved the cool "modern" gas stations. Still do. Still love the old cars too.
I'd always get a pack of Chuckles from the vending machine and all the free maps. The black Chuckle would get tossed in the trash.

Well, we had a good run of family vacation until my father retired in 1970. He had gotten his MBA from Auburn night school so we moved to Louisville, KY where he was from and he managed a big law firm. He decided that having relations with his secretary was more fun than having a wife and 3 kids so the good times came to an end and the wife and 3 kids moved to an apartment in Decatur in 1972.

I was 10 and basically turned into a feral kid like this guy:

It was a happy ending though. Most of the cool dads in the apartment complex had toddler kids or babies. All the dads hung out together so I hung out with them. They hunted, fished drag raced, cooked out and drank beer so I learned to do a lot of fun stuff like hunting, fishing, drag racing, cooking out and drinking beer.
My folks has a convenient store when I was growing up. They worked 7 days a week so we never took vacation. I was 12 before I seen the ocean... That was a weekend trip with my sister and her husband.
I hated them then and i hate them now.. I'd rather sit on my back porch where it's quiet with a cold beer a few friends my family and something on the grill. However i endure the trips now for the kids and the wife..
Growing up on a farm vacations were few and far between. Mostly we would load up the pick up with the camper top on back and head to lake Hartwell, or may be head up to Helen or there bouts. We would just stay Saturday night and then come home. Had to cause mom and dad both worked full time jobs besides farming. I remember what I would say was our first vacation we loaded up one Friday morning and headed to the oak fanoak ... That's what we called it ... Stayed 2 nights in a cabin there. A couple of years later we went to Disney.
I grew up on a farm. If my dad thought I needed a break from the farm he sent me to South Georgia to pick cantaloupe and watermelon for my moms brother. Was in my twenties before I saw the ocean