Famous Straits of the World

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Famous Straits of the World

If I were to ask you to name some of the famous straits of the world some of you might mention the Bering Strait or the Strait of Magellan.

Others might even mention George Strait but that would be digressing from the topic at hand. A Strait is “a narrow passage of water connecting two large areas of water.” Now you may not be aware of this, but a new strait has been recently uncovered right here near the Captain’s Quarters! You can see from our map that there is a virtually unknown narrow strip of water separating part of Crooked Creek from Lake Sinclair. On one side of the passage is the mainland where the Ol Captain resides. On the other side you will see “Maximus Island.”

Maximus Island (when the water is up)

As I’ve stated, this passage has been dormant and almost unnavigable until Danny Blair showed up today. Danny came by not only to clean out a ditch if you will, but to also change or alter the course of history! I knew this man was loaded for bear when I saw two chain saws and his hip waders in the back of his truck!

The conditions were ideal this morning because the water was low and being in February the chances of disturbing a Sea Serpent was hopefully, out of the question.

As I watched with amazement, Danny handled the brace of chain saws much like the Duke handled his flaming guns in True Grit! If he wasn’t firing one, he was firing the other and in less than two hours “Blair’s Strait” was on the map!!

Perhaps by now, some of you might be wondering …..”Ol’Captain, what did YOU contribute? Did you even hit a lick or did you just let your fine guest do it all?” Well, folks, I’m not going to mess up a good tale with facts, but I will say some of us do better with a pen and camera in our hand than a noisy ol' Chain saw.

Because of Sinclair and Wallace Dam the water level here in our area fluctuates a great deal. Now that the hardest part has been done you will be seeing and hearing more about Blair’s Strait and Maximus Island. But in the meantime, a tip of the Ol Captain’s Hat goes out to my good buddy Danny Blair for his hard work today!!