Farm pond fun with Paymaster's bream fly.

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Every Easter we get together at the family farm. It has a pond that is full of really nice bluegill that are usually starting to bed around this time. Paymaster tied me up an assortment of flies to try on them, including some foam bugs and some weighted cricket looking imitators. The rain Thursday evening did a number on the color of the pond and had me slightly concerned when we pulled up yesterday. Thankfully, it didn't bother the fish. I never used the foam bugs, but the fly in the picture was killer! 57486214_10102701593117998_2019791731964248064_n.jpg 58374134_10102701593267698_5475282896589684736_n.jpg 58379181_10102701593247738_2582556379021574144_n.jpg I'm not sure how many we caught, but it was a bunch! I invited a few back for dinner tonight!