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So what's your favorite fly shop...and where is it...

I of course love Unicoi in Helen or Blue Ridge...Fly Box Outfitters in Kennesaw will treat you pretty good too...

anybody got some hidden gems out there....


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The only one I have visited regularly in GA is The Fish Hawk. Well, I have been to orvis too.


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Fly Box some and Orvis in Cartersville. Other than that, I go to Sportsmans Warehouse for odds and ends.


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I don't have anything in my area, I use bass pro and cabelas. A friend in Odessa, FL Ties flies for me.


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I like Unicoi in Helen. I have a few things I bought at Orvis in Pigeon Forge/Sevierville but most stuff there is on the high side for me. Most all my tyin supplies come from Cabelas.
My favorite of all time was the One Feather Fly Shop in Cherokee NC, but it is now a thing of the past.............:banginghe Unicoi Outfitters is good, but I just get Scott Abernathy to hand tie them for me...................he does a good job:cool:


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i do all my own work, have for over 35 years .nothing fancy just bugs and rods that catch fish,


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There is shop in Hiram called Nature's Tackle Box. He is an Ovis dealer. He has really been nice when I've dropped in. I am really new to fly fishing and he has spent a lot of time showing me stuff and answering questions.


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I tie my own as well, But I have visited the FLY shop inside Calloway Gardens and they were really nice.
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good to hear one in Hiram...i live in west cobb right on the cobb/paulding line...i'll have to go over and check them out....

thanks for the tip...
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i stopped by this morning...great folks in there...talked for awhile and bought some new gravel guards...i'll be stopping by again soon...
I'll second Kingfisher Outfitters in Callaway Gardens. I work in Harris county and it's nice to take a trip up there when things are slow and you need something. Only local shop around these parts.
Unicoi outfitters is nice also, I bough all my tying stuff there.