Favorite bear cooking recipes?

Too much rain. Too many ticks. Havent seen a good hide all summer. Maybe by november. I dunno. Ga hides arent usually real impressive to start with but this year is ridiculous. Most of em look like western color phase bears from the rear down.

Piles of illegals this year too. I imagine a bunch are gonna get killed and then left to rot


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ive never killed a bear. Always wanted to but have never had an opportunity on one I thought was big enough. The only bigger bears ive ever had in front of me had cubs. This year I only have 2 on camera and one is very small, the other I think is young as well. Hard to tell for me


Time to move saw a nice one on the lower side of the wma first time in the stand 2 yrs ago he come in early and I could tell it was a good boar with a low belly at about 80 yards when he crested around the hill and then walked around the ridge and well out of range for sure I have hunted there ever since and seen nothing so I'm learning that lesson this year Time to go!
I like coons too! I have to agree with Christian hughey here though, I find it distasteful to hunt something you don't plan to eat with the exception of control of invasive exotics.
An old friend of mine used to run dogs on them in NC. He worked for a guide service. He also bow hunted them here in GA. A couple years ago, he killed one about 350 lbs, one about 400 lbs, and his wife killed one 180 lbs during the opening week of bow season here in GA. I asked what he was going to do with all of the meat and he said "dog food".
He grinds it all up and uses it to feed his hounds which in turn bring him additional income through guiding trips. I thought that was an interesting use of the bear. It saves him a fortune in dog food and helps bring in extra money for him. I thought that was pretty smart.


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I ate some off a bear that had run and fought dogs all day and it wasn’t the best. That or the cook had been libating a bit too much.
I like bear meat, but I don't eat mice that I kill in the house.....