Favorite Gospel Song/Album/Singer?

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It's hard to be a believer without liking gospel music, so what do you like listening to?

Me, I'm more of the old southern gospel, or bluegrass gospel. I never got into the "contemporary christian" and the likes.

So what kind of music do you prefer?


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Nothing like the Gaither Vocal Band!!!!!


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I like contemporary Christian. I traveled and played sax with a big name band back in the early 90's. Ever heard of Truth? We had two number ones while I was on the road with them - "If You Could See Me Now" and "Living Life Upside Down."

Now I mostly listen to praise and worship - HillSongs, Lakewood, etc.
"In Christ Alone" by Michael English

I love Country Gospel too and "At the Midnight Cry" by Gold City is a close second! :cool:



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Third Day

I really enjoy Third Day. They're a contemporary Christian rock band.

I went to high school with two of the founding members, Mac and Mark. They're a great bunch of guys who really love the Lord and it shows not only in their music but their every day lives and attitudes.
Third Day is a great group! Don't they sing "Lord of Heaven and Earth"? Or something like that.... Great driving-to-work song...

haven't heard Ray Boltz's version of "The Anchor Holds", but our church choir did a concert and the music minister sang the lead on that song and it was awesome!! they made a CD and i listen to it all the time...

i also like Midnight Cry..


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Third Day CD's


i'll get on kicks where all i'll listen to in the car is third day. i bet i've gone two months and they're the only band i heard in the car!

i never get tired of their music! they've gone through various stages of evolution as a band and have some varied works to show for it. my favorite song would have to be "consuming fire", though. that's old school third day and it's still the best. they do an half acoustic/half electric-rock version of the song on their DVD that's incredible.

check out some of their CD's.
Phillips, Craig and Dean is probably my favorite christian group. Their song "I want to be just like you" was my favorite for a long time....especially when my son was younger. My son and I call it "our" song.

I'll show my age here but my favorite groups are The Florida Boys, The Hee Haw Gospel Quartet and The Chuckwagon Gang. Getting harder and harder to find their music except on the internet these days.
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Now I like the Gaithers... But the rest y'all have mentioned I've never heard... But maybe should. :)
If you like the Gaithers, you'll like Gold City. They were country gospels top group for a long time.

You owe it to yourself to pick up one of their CD's. May I suggest there versions of "Tis so Sweet" and "It's still the cross" as some of my favorite songs by GC.



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One of my favorite songs is " Midnight Cry " by Gold City. I believe it was Song of the Year in the late 80's.

I have seen or heard most of the gospel singers dating back to the early 50's but I have never heard any better than our choir director. He sang " Midnight Cry " recently and got a standing ovation. He acts out the words which makes it have more meaning.

Our FBC Choir has sung most of the " God of Wonders " songs and will be singing one of the songs in our Christmas Special in December. We recently sang " You are God " which was my favorite from GOW.
Doyle Lawson and Quick Silver's gospel albums, Ricky Scaggs & Tony Rice Gospel stuff, The Primitives, The Mckamies and any Bluegr*** Gospel.