Favorite Gospel Song/Album/Singer?


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I'm a little different than most in that I like Southern Gospel and contemporary. I love Greater Vision with songs like "My Name is Lazurus" & "The Should Have Cried Holy" and Gold City with some of the ones already mentioned (Midnight Cry & There Rose a Lamb).

My favorite contemporary group is Casting Crowns right here out of Jonesboro I think. Their songs really have a great message (ex. "Who am I" & "Voice of Truth").


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The Inspirations , I'm partial though , They are all from my hometown and good friends !!


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The Blind Boys of Alabama

I saw them live. They didn't see me though...sorry..couldn't help it.

They are an awesome group of elderly African-American gentlemen with very strong voices. They sing Amazing Grace to the tune of house of the Rising Sun. Chill bump music at its best.
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When I was in church years ago at the ripe old age of 18, we went to the Fulton County Adult Detention Center. There were a group of African American inmates that sang gospel accupela *sp*?

Talk about "sANGing"... Deep voices, smooth as soap, same key baratone... :)

I wish I could have recorded it somehow and I hope that after their release date, they went on to become something. What talent!
Tim........I remember The Florida Boys. They use to be about the only thing on TV on Sunday mornings back in the black and white TV days. They where good.

What about The Chuck Wagon Gang?
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Tricky, I'll agree to that Vern "The Voice" Gosdin can sing too... I play "Jesus Hold my hand" about everyday on the guitar. I've always been a fan of the more upbeat gospel songs. :)

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I'm on the Contemporary side. Love Third Day :cool:

I may take it a lil' farther than most, seeing that DC Talk and that style is what I really like to jam with.