Favorite hunting Show?


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Hey just wondering. Those of you you have the outdoor channel whats your favorite hunting show that comes on?

I would have to say mine would be realtree roadtrips or bone collector...Micheal Waddel is the man!
I like the management shows better now than the hunting ones - Get in the Game, Management Advantage. For hunting shows -I like the Drury's shows, Deer & Deer Hunting, & The Wild Outdoors.


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Lee and Tiff.."The Crush" and The Kiskeys..whitetail Freaks
and I'm not much of a Duck Hunter but I like the Duck Comander. That is a good show!
I am partial to David Morris and the shows he has been a part of, like "Bucks of Tecomate." I think he is wise to the ways of the whitetail. What I really hate is to try to watch a hunting show and there is 25 minutes of advertising and 5 minutes of valuable information.
I have started watching home vids on you tube and really like it allot better.It might not be a how to on deer hunting but I really enjoy watching them anyways.
Heartland Bowhunter. Good bunch of guys that have fun at what they do without the crazy screaming alternative music.

Relentless Pursuit would be my second choice. He's kinda goofy at times but I like it and his boy loves shooting stuff with a bow.

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great huntin shows

I don't know why I dont like Tred all that well. But I love the show.(go Tred barta) also love Ted.(He is the backstrap slayer).-Go ted nugent.(Spirit of the wild).